The Oldest Duck Hunting Clubhouse in the State of California

The Teal Club's original clubhouse is still located at the old Teal Station, which was a whistle stop on the Transcontinental Railroad starting in 1879.  Many historians argue that the unusual route of the last section of the Transcontinental Railroad through the quagmire of the Suisun Marsh was chosen by Leland Stanford and Mark Hopkins so that Mark's nephew Will Hopkins and his friends, who were the founding members of The Teal Club, could ride the train directly to the finest waterfowl hunting grounds in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The core of the Teal Clubhouse is one of Jim Payne's original arks (or houseboats) that hosted waterfowlers on the Suisun Marsh since the 1870s. The clubhouse includes fifteen private bedrooms, an entryway mud room, a full kitchen, a well-stocked bar, and a comfortable wood-paneled club room with a brick fireplace.  The Teal Club's main Redwood Room is constructed entirely of old growth redwood that was milled on site in the 1920s from logs that were removed to make way for the Redwood Highway (now U.S. 101) up the California Coast.  

-San Francisco Chronicle, October 16, 1895